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    It looks like London has twinned with chemtrail city…thanks for all your comments and for watching and many many thanks to all my subscribers..

  • Thought I would educate and make this a bit more enjoyable to watch.. This is Sunday 11/12/16 little bit of footage that I filmed of London being heavily chemtrailed all day long

  • I keep seeing comments that NIBIRU..NEMESIS..PLANET X…WORMWOOD…THE WINGED PLANET…IS only a YouTube phenomenon…well it’s not…Every ancient civilization all over the world knew about it…they wrote about it…they documented it…in fact they even craved it into stone…there is plenty of evidence out there that are ancient ancestors knew a whole lot more than we do today

  • I have being filming since 8.00am this morning and have witnessed multiple chemtrail planes covering London skies as they are hiding NIBIRU and everything that comes with it

  • In the space of an hour I filmed the GB Synchronised chem trail team won gold….I have put up a few videos that I filmed within an hour……..

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